A sailboat on board. Last week the Southern Cross welcomed and hosted the ship operators of Roald Amundsen for a few days, a school-ship which usually sails the North Sea during the summer and looks for the warm waters of the Canary Islands in winter.

The ship Roald Amundsen, a vintage sailboat

The sailboat Roald Amundsen

The Roald Amundsen offers the opportunity to learn to live on a 40-meters-long sailboat. All the crew, including the captain, belong to an association of enthusiasts, lovers of the sea and life on board, who volunteer to perform this amazing educational and challenging activity. From hoisting, shifting sails, making guards, deal with cleaning or care of the kitchen, all who embark on the Roald become an active part of the crew and members of the society.

The sailboat sails Roald AmundsenAll tasks are carried out in cooperation with one another, so that on the Roald Amundsen coexistence and fellowship are crucial. These along with the crew’s passion for the sea and traditional sailing make the Roald a perfect master of the art of navigation.

Enjoy the sea, the force of nature, the wind, making friends, listening to the silence … The Roald Amundsen, a sailboat propelled not only by their sails but, above all, by the great seafaring spirit of all the people who make its adventure possible, among whom we find its operators, who kindly joined us these days.

 ¨Thanks for making us knowledgeable of your company. We hope to see you again someday, maybe… between waves, who knows.¨

Ship operators sailboat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Barcelona Southern Cross                                                                                                                                                                      Sincopado