Anchors Aweigh

We are ready to weigh anchor, as Frank Sinatra did in the film whose title heads our post today, Anchors Aweigh. You all must remember him wearing a sailor suit and dancing with Gene Kelly. If he were still alive, Mr. Sinatra would have no objection to join us and embark again in the Southern Cross, which he owned for a while. A luxury, right?

Let’s weigh anchor, cast off, hoist sails, launch engines. Everything is ready in the Southern and so is our spirit, our will to let you spend some of your best time on board our yacht. We will cross the seas again, see beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets , share good times with friends. a few hours, or even for a few days, we will leave behind routine and stress , searching for quietness, fresh air and good company and, who knows, we might dance like Frank and Gene, everything is possible.

We are ready to set sail. Shall you come with us?

Gene and Frank greet in the film Anchors Aweigh.         Sailors hoisted sails.