Yacht ready to set sail

Southern Cross Yacht extends its gangway another year to welcome all of you who want to spend some time on it. Some of you will be new passengers, others know us from previous trips and we will be happy to see you again.

Gangway Yacht

With everyone on board, our yacht is ready to set sail, and although Frank Sinatra cannot join us, we could play one of his songs during our trip, “My Way”, for example, your way.

On the yacht everything goes smoothly and the crew work so that everything works perfectly well: the captain steers the boat, the sailors in their work, the cook prepares delicious dishes, hmmm! the friendly hostess cares about the welfare of passengers and makes sure that they don’t miss anything and the whole staff makes all that possible. But there are also surprises and emotions in the Southern. Who is not willing to have an adventure? Sail the seas accompanied by dolphins, a whale sighting, or find beautiful mermaids or…. PIRATESSS!!?

Yes! Last Saturday we were surprised by a bunch of pirates who seized the yacht for a few hours. Their captain, who looked like Jack Sparrow , ordered to serve food and drink to all his pirates. The cook, the hostess and the waiter had to work at his command while other members of the crew remained hidden on the lower deck. The pirates took our back room and stayed there until well after midnight. They laughed, danced and even were heard singing “Happy Birthday”. It was an intense adventure night, full of emotion. Finally, the pirates, tired and with full stomachs, decided to leave the ship without taking any hostages or cause any damage. We are confident that they spent a great evening on the Southern Cross… and so did we! 

Pirates             The birthday child receives the cake in the lounge.